The most valuable gift you can get for a birthday is a fascinating experience for you and the ones you love! Make your special day unforgettable with our finest escape rooms: become a hero by saving the world in LOST, challenge yourself in mysterious CURSE OF THE PHARAOH, escape from an old ship in PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN, make some magic in THE HOUSE OF WIZARD or find the tesseract in THE STEAMPUNK ADVENTURE laboratory. For the courageous ones we suggest blood-curdling experience in THE SAW as well as our latest creation THE END? in which you have to break evil curse and destroy the demon.

Let your dreams come true!


  • start by booking the escape rooms you prefer and/or our party hall
  • once your whole team is here, find Lost Escape team member and follow his/her guidance
  • you must hear the rules before the game starts
  • while the game is in progress, your other guests can play with Playstation 4 (you can join them after escaping the room)
  • you can now throw a party in our PARTY HALL! Don’t forget snacks and your birthday cake.