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As low as 13 euros per player (plus 30% taxes per game).

How do ONLINE escape rooms work?

Frequently asked questions

You can play with your family, friends or co-workers. You will have exactly 60 minutes to complete all the tasks.

Alcohol or other intoxicants are not allowed in the games rooms.

We offer exclusive rooms that you will not find all over Lithuania, here you will need not only logic, but also concentration and the ability to make quick decisions.

There are many games for finding hidden items and completing tasks. We offer a unique opportunity to be on the film stage. An opportunity to feel the heroes of the film. Get to know Saw and other movies up close.

Our rooms have one entrance and one exit. Upon entering the door locks and you have 60 minutes to complete all the tasks and find the key from the exit. The game is not complicated, so everyone has the opportunity to come out sooner or later :)

No. Dress comfortably the way you feel best :)

Yes. Although our game is based on horror movies, you are safe all the time. Appliances, decorations are made so as not to cause inconvenience or injury to you. Of course, you can end the game and exit at any time. But will you want that?

We combined the age limit from 12 to 99 years and over. P. S. The minimum age requirement for ‘Saw’ is 16.

The game will take place on Zoom platform. Your team joins through there and gives directions to the physical player (live avatar) in the room. In that way controlling the live avatar you solve every task in the room and escape it.
Zoom link and other information required for the game will be sent to your email before your game (about 15-30min before your scheduled time).

No refund will be provided in case of booking cancellation or no-show. Clients are able to reschedule their game to another slot one time with no additional payment.

The time slots in our booking system are in our local Lithuanian time zone (EET) and it will not change based on your location. It is possible to arrange the game in your specific needs (additional charges may apply) so do not hesitate to contact us about that.

About us

Lost Escape is a complex of the most modern escape rooms in Lithuania. Forget the usual locks and the power of keys and get ready to experience the wonders of modern technology!

We offer you a fun way to spend time developing team skills with family and friends in different themed and exclusive design rooms.

Bored at home and can’t come to us? No problem! From now on, you can also visit virtually: we are the only ones in Lithuania that offer escape room entertainment ONLINE. Sit back comfortably and be prepared to give instructions to the live player to help you complete all tasks and “escape” from the room.

We’re excited to have players from all over the world, so if you and your friends are in different places, you can put together a team and all play virtually together!

We are in Šančiai

We are in Aleksotas