Ancient Egyptian pyramids and pharaohs, entangled with mystery, greatness and the magical unknown are waiting for you in a uniquely curious space, which invites every adventure seeking soul. You have the opportunity to accept that invitation without travelling to the far land of Egypt. All of Egypt’s miracles are waiting for you in our escape room. Exceptional adventures, ancient statues and sarcophagus are waiting to be discovered by you. However, don’t be mistaken thinking that all this room has to offer is pretty views and a wind of ancient Egypt’s greatness. The old pharaohs were not only great and glorious they often had a few mischievous tricks up their sleeves. One of these pharaohs has put a curse on you and you can only get rid of it using your smarts and being quick about it. That is the only antidote to the curse that will allow you to escape and live on to tell the tales about your extraordinary adventures. Are you capable of defeating an ancient curse? Time to find out.